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Impress Travel’s Mekong Cruises is strongly recommended the best cruises and sampans in Mekong River delta, The cruises will lead you up discovering the mighty river - Mekong Delta River, cruising up the Mekong river to see and visit the natural beauty and life of on Mekong River and the river’s banks. By cruises, travelers are easy to travel along of Vietnam – Cambodia, Mekong cruises offers you the trip to visit the most highlights of Cambodia and the south of Vietnam. Travelers don’t spend all time on the cruises, the cruises will stop over somewhere of traveling routes to visit the most highlights of the beauty of Mekong River where travelers will leave Mekong Cruises to discover the new land and meet the new friends of Mekong river Delta.

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  • 2Days
    Mekong Delta Tours

    Mekong Delta Tours


    It is not perfect in your Mekong Delta Tour without doing a home-stay to enjoy the authentic Vietnam.The Mekong Delta is the region in southwestern Vietnam where the Mekong River approaches and empties into the sea through a network of distributaries. The Mekong delta region encompasses a large portion of southwestern Vietnam of 39,000 square kilometres. The size of the area covered by water depends on the season. The Mekong Delta has recently been dubbed as a “biological treasure trove”. Over ...

  • 2Days
    Cai Be Princess Cruises

    Cai Be Princess Cruises


    Cruise in a traditional Indochinese boat along the secluded waterways of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. See sleepy riverside towns, visit market stalls and small scale home-made factories on one of the best Mekong river cruise. Wander the banks of a secluded island, and enjoy lunch at a sublime retreat reminiscent of Vietnam’s French colonial past.

    • Atonie
      Awesome trip with awesome cruise members. We went there for honeymoon and it was good.
      Tha cabin was really awesome, everything you ask for even a huge bath ! Food is vietnamese food which is REALLY good. Kenny is always on to something and make us busy all the time even at 10pm to catch octopus at the rear of the boat ! Awesome 2 days 1 night cruise!
      Oh and the luxury van... this is really a luxury van !8,0
    • Hieu
      Had a fantastic stay in Dragon Legend Cruise 2D/1N. The service from start to finish was very organised and on time throughout the whole trip. Very comfortable luxury shuttle van and the rooms on board exceeded expectations.
      Great food in ample amounts and a good selection of drinks.

      Special mention to Tom Cruise for looking after us especially when my wife was feeling unwell. Delivered a meal to our room. Even gave us a hand made gift.

      Would highly recommend to anyone. The other good reviews are true to form.10
    • Kat
      We did the 3 day 2 night cruise on the Dragon Legend and it was one of the best decisions we made.

      From the start our guide, Ha, was incredibly easy going. First of all, we were asked several times if we had any special dietary requirements to which we both said no. I only realised as I got on the boat that it would probably be a lot of seafood (which my husband loves but I'm not a fan). I mentioned this and the staff were incredibly accommodating.

      The boat itself is incredible. Clean and comfortable and well decorated.

      The staff were friendly. Had good English and were entertaining. Qui (Paul Scholes) was one in a million. He was funny and had us laughing a lot.

      We felt this trip was really good value for money and want to thank all at Indochina Junk for a memorable part of our honeymoon.9,0
    • CV
      My wife and I did a 3days/2 nights cruise to Bai Tu Long Bay. We got picked up by a luxury van from our hotel Tu Linh Legend Hotel in Old Quarter, HaNoi. The drive to Halong city pier was very comfortable and the guide looked after the 6 of us really well in the van. We didn't have to wait too long at the pier for our cruise boat. The boat was huge enough to have a spa/massage/pool, a large sun deck, a couple of gym machines (stepper and cycle) and a couple dumbbells. The dining area was large enough to accomodate all 40+ passengers. We were very pleased by the exceptional service, food, rooms with large bath and shower. Activities like kayaking, cave tour, beach bbq kept us busy during the day, while an 8 course dinner followed by few magic shows by the staff made a great night. Dinner took almost 2 hours to finish, which could be a little stretch for people who like it quick. Mornings were fresh and Tai Chi followed by a delicious continental breakfast awaited (local breakfast also available) us everyday. Carry a warm thin jacket if you are planning a trip in March, some people may find it a bit chilly during the nights, if you are out in open. We made a few friends from Sydney, Australia who found the sea water cold and refreshing. Journey back to HaNoi was equally comfortable with a nice water puppet show as a half hour filler. No wifi on board, but wifi in van, both ways. Overall, they deserve an exceptional rating! Well Done!!8,0
    • Louisella76
      We booked to do a 1n2d tour on Dragon Legend. The experience was lovely, absolutely beautiful (and immaculate) boat, good food and the staff were extremely friendly – however there were a couple of points which I felt could be worked on with regards to interaction with customers.

      We were collected from our hotel in a very plush luxury van with charging points for phones and wifi – en route on the 3 hour journey we were taken to the craft centre for a 30 mins rest stop (this is probably too long as everyone was keen to just get going again). On arrival at the bay we were taken to the departure lounge where other guests were waiting and then taken to the boat. I’m not sure how long other guests had to wait as we looked to be one of the last to arrive – from memory we were there for about 15 mins.

      Although we saw lots of boats anchored at the set off point, once we set sail to the quiet parts of Bai Tu Long Bay they very quickly think out. It was so lovely and peaceful – just odd little fishing boats dotted around.

      Once on board, we were directed to the dining area and given a talk covering health and safety, a run through of the days events etc however this then progressed into a rather long talk about the history of the boat, showing photos of the rooms (not sure why as we would be seeing them for ourselves shortly) etc – this seemed a bit prolonged considering everyone had most likely just been travelling for at least 3 hours and wanted to freshen up. It would have been better to have placed literature in the rooms so guests could find out more at their leisure.

      The rooms themselves were so beautiful,well decorated and of a good size. Having a bath tub overlooking the bay was very luxurious!

      The evening dinner was good however this is one of the parts where I felt the company let themselves down as about two thirds of the way into dinner, the speeches began which went on for what felt like a very a long time. To be fair, included in that were special occasion mentions which were lovely however the rest of it was irrelevant to why we there (i.e. To have a relaxing time). Every member of the crew was brought out and individually introduced, some then went on to make speeches of their own and they all then sang a song. We then had other songs to celebrate other people…then more speeches. In all I think we there for at least an hour – the man at the table next to me had his head in his hands by the end. Whilst it was very lovely being able to meet the crew, the length of time spent on this was far too long and this was quite apparent looking around at the other guests.

      Overall I would recommend this company as individually the staff were lovely, however do feel they need to read their audience better before giving prolonged speeches. We were only onboard for about 24 hours so wanted to make use of the limited time we had to relax and enjoy the surroundings.10
    • Anna
      Did the 2 day 1 night cruise that went through Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay. Our tour guide was so informative and funny, and all the activities were enjoyable including squid fishing, early morning Tai Chi, kayaking and the cooking class. Food was also outstanding!10
    • A C
      We took the 3-day / 2-night tour of Bai Tu Long Bay on the Dragon Legend II, and totally loved it! Choosing this cruise was the right decision (… you will find it is a difficult one with so many other cruises on offer), we are also glad we did 3 days as this allowed us to take in the beauty of the bay without rushing.

      The ship is beautiful, very confortable and charming beyond words. The tour was full of enjoyable activities: cooking class, squid fishing, tai chi and kayaking – and the best is that you always have the option to stay in your amazing cabin, enjoying your own jacuzzi starring out your ENORMEUS windows to the crazy, amazing view!

      The food on board the Dragon Legend II is also good and abundant. On the second day we had a fantastic beach barbecue after exploring a cave and visiting the floating village.

      *Advise to other travellers:

      - Don’t expect to have WIFI all the way on the transfer, we did not have any on our way to the bay
      - Don’t forget to grab some water at the port reception before your journey back to Hanoi, we did and had no water for nearly 3 hours
      - If you can, avoid the two cabins at the rear / aft of the ship, there is high noise from the motors during the day – no problem at night as the engines are off
      - Bring a light jacket, spring nights can be chilly

      Overall, we feel this trip was really good value for money and want to thank ALL at Indochina Junk for a fantastic work. A very special mention to James Bond, Messy our tour manager and chef at the Dragon Legend II (22 - 24 of March tour) – we won’t forget your smiles! And we also want to thank our housekeeping guy for not only keeping our cabins perfect, but for a memorable flute performance!

      We will definitely recommend this tour to our friends and will come back… some day9,0
    • 328julest
      We booked a 2 day 1 night tour on Dragon Legend, one of the selling points was it goes through Bai Tu Long Bay which only allows a handful of operators and away from the masses.

      The boat was lovely, clean, well appointed, and the staff were great and very quirky. The food was very nice and we got to try lots of local dishes.

      I got very sick however (never good on a boat!) but I think it was something I ate previously rather than the boat food. The staff were really great in helping me feel better and offered me ginger tea.

      The kayaking trip is also worthwhile if you can.

      The only reasons I gave it 4 out of 5 was purely because its just so over touristy, and you feel a bit like cattle in a holding pen while you're waiting to get on/off the boat. Also I found the pollution in the water (even away from the masses) quite saddening. I really hope they start to tidy the bay up and look after it more otherwise in a few more years time they'll be little to enjoy and appreciate.6,7
    • Milla London
      My boyfriend and I chose to splurge on the dragon legend 2 day, Bai Tu cruise instead of a standard ha long bay cruise...and we're so glad we did! Wonderful experience!
      From the moment we were picked up in our luxury van we were comfortable and fabulously looked after.
      The cruise itself is just spectacular and the beauty of the place is utterly breathtaking. This cruise takes you out away from all the crowds of Ha Long, to a different, much more beautiful bay area called Bai Tu. We didn't see another tour boat all day, until we moored for the night and then there were just a couple in the distance - so peaceful!
      The boat its self is gorgeous, the rooms plush and well maintained and the outside areas are lovely. But the food, the food was ridiculously good....We absolutely feasted and everything was superb!
      The team were what then made it even more special. They were wonderful from start or finish - so personal, enthusiastic, welcoming, engaging, relaxed and made such an effort in a very natural way. Alex, Smiley and our waiter were highlights.
      All round, an absolutely wonderful experience and we smiled the whole way!
      100% recommend!9,6